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The Design Museum

Moving from Shad Thames, the museum will occupy the old Commonwealth Institute building, which has been looking for a tenant suitable to its architectural significance for ten years.

Kensington Palace

Edward VIII referred to the royal palace as an “aunt heap”. There are currently eight royals living there, and Zara Phillips.

Royal Albert Hall

Staging everything from classical and pop concerts to tennis, it has been referred to as “the Nation’s Village Hall”.

Holland Park

Holland Park is the only London park containing peacocks and a youth hostel.

Imperial College

Alumni include Alexander Fleming, H.G. Wells and Brian May. So a great place if you need a telephone, an interplanetary war or a guitar solo.

Since the 17th century, Kensington has been a primary residence of the British Royal Family. It has long had a reputation as an affluent area, predominantly known for its grand Victorian properties, an array of local amenities and beautiful green spaces.

The area is also home to many historic landmarks such as the Royal Albert Hall, the Natural History Museum and of course, the Kensington Palace.

It is a truly enviable place of residence; fit for a king!

Fact: Kensington gets its name from a Saxon tribe called the Kensings and was first mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086. The 'ton' part refers to 'town'; Kensing's Town.

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