Lisgar Terrace, West Kensington W14£2,100,000
St Mary Abbots Terrace, Holland Park W14£1,795,000
Pembroke Square, Kensington W8£695pw
Queen's Gate, Kensington SW7£2,400,000
Chepstow Place, Notting Hill W2£4,000,000
Manresa Road, Chelsea SW3£3,500pw
Pelham Crescent, Chelsea SW7£4,000pw
Hereford Road, Notting Hill W2£4,650,000
Irving Road, Brook Green W14£925pw
Wilton Place, Belgravia SW1£7,950,000
Palace Gardens Terrace, Kensington W8£3,500,000
Sinclair Road, Brook Green W14£2,000,000
Ceylon Road, Brook Green W14£1,275,000
Northumberland Place, Notting Hill W2£3,750,000
Colville Terrace, Notting Hill W11£1,950,000
Kingswood Avenue, Queen's Park NW6£3,999,000
Ladbroke Road, Notting Hill W11£6,500,000
Cadogan Square, Knightsbridge SW1X£2,000pw
Cornwall Gardens, South Kensington SW7£2,250pw
South Terrace, South Kensington SW7£4,000pw
Marloes Road, Kensington W8£650pw
Pembridge Villas, Notting Hill W11£10,000,000
St Helens Gardens, North Kensington W10£2,450,000
Cadogan Place, Knightsbridge SW1X£2,375,000
Kensington Court, Kensington W8£1,050pw
Coningham Road, Shepherd's Bush W12£1,000pw
Cadogan Square, Chelsea SW1X£2,950pw
Cadogan Square, Chelsea SW1X£2,950pw
Masbro Road, Brook Green W14£2,375,000
St Quintin Avenue, North Kensington W10£6,950,000
Brondesbury Road, Queen's Park NW6£2,500pw
Holland Park Mansions, Holland Park W14£2,990,000
Porten Road, Brook Green W14£875,000
Addison Gardens, Brook Green W14£1,550pw
Caroline Place, Bayswater W2£4,200,000
Milman Road, Queen's Park NW6£2,650,000
Sinclair Road, Brook Green W14£595pw
Observatory Gardens, Kensington W8£475pw
Oxford Gardens, North Kensington W10£9,500,000
Colville Terrace, Notting Hill W11£1,950,000
Hereford Road, Notting Hill W2£4,650,000
Napier Close, Holland Park W14£1,400,000
Kensington Square, Kensington W8£7,000,000
Bethany Hall, North Kensington W10£5,500,000

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Shepherds Bush W12 needs boris bikes! We just moved to the area and noticed how few there are. Any plans for more soon?

NEWS! More than half of Charing Cross Hospital could be sold if plans to overhaul health services in north-west London are approved.

David Bruce at the Tabernacle

We are proud lead sponsors of David Bruce’s photography exhibition at The … Read More

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